3 Sales Secrets to 
Converting More Clients

Giving you influence to have the flexibility, lifestyle and wealth you desire.

Frank Ferrara, CEO & Founder of Stellar Education

Frank is a Sales Trainer & Coach with over 20 years in customer service, sales, and sales management.
His previous career was in the electrical industry, selling to contractors, wholesalers, engineering consultants and facilities managers. He spent five years in Sydney running an electrical wholesale operation, which under his management grew to become the most profitable branch in the company. This opened the door to run bigger businesses in Melbourne. He delivered major growth for 3 separate businesses there, increasing sales;
from $6m to $12m (100% growth in 3 years)
from $6m to $30m (500% growth in 5 years)
from $8m to $26m (325% growth in 7 years)

Frank now applies everything he learned in his own business, providing sales training and coaching to help business owners grow their customer base. Since founding Stellar Education less than two years ago, he has helped over 50 businesses build sales pipeline, shorten sales cycles and increase conversion rates.

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